How to Join

PC Hawk Football

“Touchdown Club”

Support the Prairie Central Football Program by becoming a member!

The PC Hawk Football “Touchdown Club” are parents, grandparents, coaches, teachers, administration, alumni, and community members who serve as a support organization to the football program by raising funds to support all football players, improve facilities, and purchase needed equipment.  The PC Hawk Football “Touchdown Club” has also been developed to create an Alumni Association for the Football Program.

To become a member simply pledge an amount of your choice for each touchdown that the HAWKS score during the 2012 season.

  • In      2011 the team scored 45 touchdowns
  • A      member pledging $1.00 would have paid $45.00
  • A      member pledging $5.00 would have paid $225.00
  • A      member pledging $10.00 would have paid $450.00
  • A member      making a flat pledge of $50.00 or $400.00

Levels of pledges are as follows:

Blue                                  Silver                                      Gold                            Platinum

$1.00/touchdown              $5.00/touchdown                    $10.00/touchdown      $400.00 Flat Pledge

$50.00 Flat Pledge

Blue members will receive a “Touchdown Club” hat.

Silver, Gold, and Platinum will receive a “Touchdown Club” hat along with a long sleeve t-shirt after payment is made.  All Silver, Gold, and Platinum members will also be recognized at all home contests.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Derek Stephens 1-217-412-2202,  Luke Taylor 1-815-867-0057, Brian Hassett 1-815-674-6396, or Michael Kilgus 1-815-848-3961.  You will receive an invoice based upon your pledge amount once the football season is completed (November 2012).

Checks should be made out to PC Touchdown Club and sent to

Prairie Central High School

C/O PC Touchdown Club

411 North 7th Street

Fairbury, IL 61739



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